• Tom Young


  • A message from the founder

    Throughout my professional life I served in roles that required lots of travel and customer entertainment
    during which I developed a passion for good food and wine from around the world. What better way to
    leverage my experience and passion than go into business with my family and friends, searching the world to discover the finest wine produced by true artisans and sharing it to the wine drinkers of Texas. Thus, Elite Vines was born.

    I hope you, your family and friends, and your customers enjoy our wine as much as we do.

  • Matt Young


  • Ryan Key


  • Andres Blanco

    Partner, Advanced Sommelier | Mexico City born, Houston trained. Passionate about Italian and Mexican wines.

Elite Vines is a family owned and operated importer and distributor of hand crafted, low-production, fine wine from elite terroirs around the world. Our quest is to bring you wines that exhibit the rare characteristics we look for in the wines we drink every day - superior quality at a price we can afford - just like those hidden gems that delight us all when we travel abroad. 

Our portfolio of wine reflects our love of family by consisting of predominantly family-owned-and-operated estates passionately making wine imbued with a sense of place and a steadfast commitment to quality and consistency.

Elite Vines brings a concierge level of value-add service to boutique retailers, fine dining establishments, and wine bars. Places where we do business are places where family, food and wine come together to create special memories, and our business is founded on intimate personal relationships with both producers and customers.

We're here to remove friction from the importing and purchasing process. and let you focus on making your customers and their families happy.